12″ mix & 7″ of Italo   disco ’80
PS =   Picture Sleeve;    NotPS = Not Picture   Sleeve
List 12″ italo disco ’80   :
Artist Title Label Made Year PS/NotPS
5.000.000 Where is my head / Up and down Ibiza Records IBZ440 Italia 1987 NotPS
50 & 50 Brothers Red man REM / 065 Italia 1987 PS
A.G.F. loved by you OUT 3012 Italia 1984 PS
A.I.M. thailand seeds Italian Records EXIT M521 Italia PS
Aaron George She’s a devil FLY TPF004 Italia 1984 PS
AAVV ( Savage / Clock On 5 /P.Lion /   Frankie Disco radio / reggae radio / take it / where’s the sun Discomagic LP219 Italia 1984 PS
AAVV ( with Matrix , Ago …) Special LP FullTime FTM31709 Italia 1982 NotPS
AAVV ( with Mike   turner,Jay&Jason,Russell Russell Discoinverno’84 (4 origila tracks) Discomagic (Magnum) LP222 Italia 1984 PS
AAVV (Avantgarde / P.Lion / Proxima) call me liar / you’ll never break my heart / livin’ in another world Durium D.D.36 Italia 1987 NotPS
AAVV (compilation) Dance disco express Spice7  SP31711 Italia 1982 PS
AAVV (compilation) Hoola hop Discotto ART1023 Italia NotPS
AAVV (compilation) Italo mixage 2 Asia ARD1030 Italia PS
AAVV (compilation) Bimbo Mix Baby Records BR56107 Italia 1985 PS
AAVV (compilation) Full Time Winter (album) FullTime FTM31705 Italia 1981 PS
AAVV (Compilation) Decadance ’80 N.2 (original hits) Discomagic LP575 Italia PS
AAVV (with Band of Jocks , Firefly,   Evelyn Barry . Super Mix 1 FullTime FTM31901 Italia 1985 PS
AAVV (with Eveliyn Barry,   Firefly,oltean, ecc.. take is as a game / stay(no time) / you wanta be master FullTime FTM31732 Italia 1984 NotPS
AAVV (with Glen White, Ronnie Jones ..) Mixage Baby Records BR54117 Italia 1987 PS
AAVV (with Ken Laszlo, G.J. Lunghi,B.   Martin, Hey hey guy / acapulco nights / sex tonight Durium D.D.27 Italia 1984 NotPS
AAVV Ruins, European Stage, Kitsch   Putsch, R.A.R.A Samples Only ( Album ) “ask me for track list” Art Retro Ideas AI1891 Italia 1981 PS
Afroside Absolutely FullTime FTM31592 Italia NotPS
Afroside Lady come down TenDance 12003 Italia 1989 PS
Afroside / Dr. Felix & M.M.Band Absolutely / self control FullTimeFTM31592/Spice7SP31593 Italia NotPS
Afroside / Marco Martina Ticket to shanghai / beat bop to the bicycle FullTime FTM 31598 Italia NotPS
Age Water suite Sensation SNS8008 Italia 1984 NotPS
Ago Chinese eyes / romance RCA PT40208 Italia 1985 PS
Ago For you (LP) FULLTIME FTM31713 Italia 1982 PS
Ago Computer Power Records  PDR005 Italia PS
Ago Electric cucaracha / miracles FonitCetra DLP626 Italia 1984 PS
Ago I want you Discomagic  MIX303 Italia 1986 PS
Ago Computer Power PDR005 Italia PS
Aki Tokio’s Time TRD1020 Italia PS
Aki Tokio’s Time TRD1020 Italia PS
Alba Jump and do it Merak 14 2012966 Italia 1986 PS
Alba Jump and do it (promo copy) Merak music MKX520 Italia 1986 PS
Aleph Fly to me (Special Remix) TIME TRD1023 Italia 1986 PS
Aleph Fly to me Time Records TRD1015 Italia PS
Aleph Fire on the moon Time TRD1037 Italia PS
Alyne / Cerrone over the sky / the collector Discotto Promo PM001 Italia 1985 NotPS
Amii Stewart & Mike Francis Together RCA PT40206 Italia 1985 PS
Amin – Peck suicidal Best 12015 PS
Amnesie with Nicolosi Family Turas (SEALED!!) Proto NSMIX2005 Italia 1983 PS
Angel I Know Blow Up BU0044 Italia 1985 PS
Angie Clouds Tanga TL009 Italia PS
Angie Care Your mind Merak MKX800 Italia PS
Angie Dylan in the dark Merak MKX830 Italia PS
Angie St. Philip light up my heart Simple Records SIM001 Italia PS
Anna can you love / can you love again Time TRD1058 Italia NotPS
Anneclaire All summer long Flarenasch 722812 France 1985 PS
Anteprima Indifferent people Striped Horse 1212 Italia PS
Anthony & Rose Love is everywhere Best 12023 Italia 1983 PS
Anthony’s G Little girl Many records Italia 1987 PS
Anthony’s G Little girl Many records Italia 1987 PS
Anthony’s Games Sunshine love RAM 00485 Italia 1985 PS
Antonella chirpy chirpy cheep cheep Radiorama RA90-05 Italia 1990 PS
Antonella supersonic level Radiorama RA88-04 Italia 1988 NotPS
Antonella El diablo Radiorama RA87-05 Italia 1987 NotPS
Argentina Let’s play sexy games MEM MEMIX069 Italia 1988 PS
Argentina Let’s all dance Mem Memix077 Italia 1988 PS
Arrogance Jump the funk BootLegs BTL281154/c Italia PS
Artwork Party time OUT 3024 Italia 1985 PS
Ash Leasly I remember House of Music HM1010 Italia 1983 NotPS
Authokino Raszmatazz (remix) Digital Records DR8601 Italia NotPS
Avantgarde You never danced with me FDT 014 Italia PS
B. B. and Band We thee people / that special magic ( remix by Tony Carrasco) Zanza ZR0106 Italia 1983 PS
B. B. and Band Simple song / wanna be free GONG 001 Italia 1984 PS
B.B. Alcatraz Prisoner of the night DivaArt DAX10881 Italia 1989 PS
B.Blase Shame ManyRecords MN509 Italia NotPS
B.Blase Shake it now Many Records MN529 Italia PS
B.Boy Try me Megarecords Prod. / MRP 4003 Italia 1984 NotPS
B.Funk featuring Sally O’ Blind love Phoenix PHOMIX312 Italia 1982 NotPS
B.S.F. Lessons in love ForSale FL24108 Italia 1986 PS
Baby’s Gang Happy song Discotto MEMIX011 Italia PS
Bais R. Take the love Many Records MN566 Italia 1986 NotPS
Bais R. Dial my number Many records MN554 Italia PS
Bais R. Living in New York Emergent 102 Italia 1983 PS
Baltimora Living in the background EMI Italia 1986 PS
Baltimora Tarzan boy Emi1186926 Italia 1984 PS
Baltimora key key karimba EMI 1187896 Italia 1987 PS
Baltimora Juke box boy / Pull the wires Emi / 14 1187566 Italia 1986 PS
Baltimora Juke box boy / Pull the wires Emi / 14 1187566 Italia 1986 PS
Band Aid A tour in italy Italian Records EXITM516 Italia 1983 PS
Band of Jocks Good times Jocks FMT31556 Italia 1984 PS
Band of Jocks Let’s all dance FullTime FTM31534 Italia 1983 PS
Band of Jocks Music in my heart / good times (remix) JOCKS FTM31559 Italia 1985 PS
Band of Jocks We love radio Di-Gei Music DBM105 Italia 1985 PS
Bank It’s only jazz Jumbo JU12005 Italia 1983 NotPS
Barbara Sand My life RARE 01787 Italia 1987 PS
Barbara Sand Take you Rare 00986 Italia 1986 PS
Barbra & Simone Radiator GoodVibes PM120022 Italia 1985 PS
Barry Alan Good vibrations Discomagic  MIX290 Italia PS
Barry Alan Come on Time TRD1021 Italia PS
Barry Evelyn Living in the sun Mr. Disc MD31569 Italia 1985 PS
Barsotti Massimo Right or Wrong Blue Rose / SR 00200 Italia PS
Barton Diana Tango / Are you ready for this tango? Merak MKX810 Italia 1985 PS
Barton Diana Tango / Are you ready for this tango? Merak 14 2010006 (mkx810) Italia 1985 PS
Barton Diana Tango / Are you ready for this tango? Merak MKX810 Italia 1985 PS
Belen Thomas Y mi banda toca el rock (remix by Pino Roma) Smash One Music ZT42270 Italia 1988 NotPS
Belen Thomas Y mi banda toca el rock / chico latino Smash One Music SHO12219 Spain NotPS
Belen Thomas Aire Smash One MusicZT42336 Italia 1988 PS
Belle Belle Take me Discomagic  MIX279 Italia PS
Ben Bruce The beat of the night / eye to eye (remix) London LRP3024 Italia 1987 NotPS
Bennato Edoardo MIXED Ma-Ma Kaiwanna Demo-Disc DDEB79 Italia PS
Berry Lia Terra promessa New Music NMX090 Italia 1989 PS
Betty Miranda Dance / let’s all fall in love Many Records MN542 Italia PS
Bi & Co How do you love? Blue Blood BBR0184 Italia PS
Bianca Neve Prince  Kiss CGD / CGD 15231 Italia 1986 PS
Bill Goins Lone rider Market Records MK001 Italia 1985 PS
Black 28 and Tropical Radio summer medley ; Vamos a bailar …. Discomagic MIX190 Italia 1984 PS
Blue Everybody needs somebody X-Energy X-12017 Italia 1986 PS
Blue Tattoo Love can do X-Energy X-12053 Italia 1989 NotPS
Bluebook Lady / I’m on your way HR records hr10002 Italia 1985 PS
Boby Games You try TRASH 011 Italia 1985 PS
Bon Ton Video killed the radio star ONE Records ONE001 Italia 1987 NotPS
Bonardi Roby & Cuba Club I want you baby I really do Discotto ART 1017 Italia NotPS
Booby Trap On the North Pole FUZZ DANCE ZZ 20004 Italia PS
Brando Rainy day Memory Records  MEMIX012 Italia 1983 PS
Brando Rainy day Memory records  MEMIX012 Italia 1983 PS
Breakout Crew (the) Breakout theme FDT 008 Italia PS
Brian Ice Night girl Memory Records MEMIX056 Italia 1987 PS
Brian Ice Night girl Memory Records MEMIX056 Italia 1987 PS
Brian Ice Talking to the night Memory MEMIX032 Italia 1985 NotPS
Brown Elly Don’t hang up Full Time Rec. / FTM 31561 Italia 1985 NotPS
Brown Jessice Revelation Superdance SD3801 Italia PS
Brown Penny No escape DisComposer DC1003 Italia 1985 PS
Bu Bu Sex The shadow / Great expectations / Echoes and trance BEST 12032 Italia PS
Burgers (the) Laugh clown laugh Third Label 5007 Italia 1985 PS
Bus Connection Superdance / baby what’s a matter with you Bus Production BUS9208 Italia 1977 NotPS
Caesar Pretty Lover RARE RARE 01887 Italia 1987 PS
Cam Talk to me VIVA  MAR001 Italia NotPS
Camaro’s Companero OUT 3051 Italia 1985 PS
Cannon Charles Hush / holgel Clover CL712 Italia 1981 NotPS
Cannon Mike Voices in the dark Memory records MEMIX007 Italia PS
Cannon Mike Goin’ crazy MEM Records MEMIX 034 Italia 1985 NotPS
Canton Sleepwalking Ariston ARX16032 Italia 1984 PS
Canton Stay with me Ariston ARX16039 Italia 1985 PS
Capricorn I need love Delirium DLM M25970 Italia NotPS
Carrara Welcome to the sunshine / My melody keepon music / KM 83852 Italia 1985 NotPS
Carrara Follow me Keepon Musik KM83856 Italia PS
Carrara Welcome to the sunshine / My melody keepon music / KM 83852 Italia 1985 PS
Carrara Baby dancer Keepon Musik KM838516 Italia 1987 PS
Carrasco Tony People are people Discomagic /382 Italia NotPS
Casanova Girl I’ve got news for love / better go my way NWA 5144052 Italia 1979 PS
Casanova Sunset That’s all Disco Family ITF348 Italia 1984 PS
Catch sun la shan ( RED Vinyl ) SuperRadio SR7004 Italia NotPS
Cecil B Come with me to paradise Discomagic  MIX173 Italia 1984 PS
Ceck Up Twins Sexy teacher / Siapping song Digital Records DR8604 Italia NotPS
Celeste Hey boy Five / FM 13814 Italia 1987 PS
Celeste Lover boy  / lover block Five FM13836 Italia 1989 PS
Cerrone The collector CM 24572 France 1985 PS
Challenger (the) Be my girl Sweet Moon Records 12ITD1302 Italia 1983 PS
Charme Stop loving you Dancer 003 Italia NotPS
Cheaps Moliendo cafè Memory Records MEMIX003 Italia 1983 NotPS
Check Up Twins Working in the factory Digital Records DR8607 Italia 1987 PS
Chip chip no more tears Flea FL8409 Italia PS
Chonee Richard Change your lady(remix) / I know everything Trouble vision / TV 0240 DEMO UK PS
Christine dancing hour KeeponMusic KM84832 Italia 1984 PS
Christine Free ‘n easy F1Team DM9323 Italia 1985 NotPS
Cinnamon Hey, everybody Megarecords MRP4001 Italia NotPS
Cioni Riccardo Olè – oh / garage Master Dee Jay AJD2 (promo) Italia 1984 NotPS
Cioni Riccardo Arizona (remix) OUT 3039 Italia 1985 PS
Cioni Riccardo Arizona Discomagic  MIX255 Italia 1985 PS
Cioni Riccardo Darkness Inside / Go Break / Fog Dee Jay Master / DM 9320 Italia 1984 NotPS
Cioni Riccardo Olè – oh / garage Master Dee Jay DM9314 Italia 1984 PS
Cioni Riccardo & D.J.F.T. Band Come on / Takin my money Master D.J / MDJ 9304 Italia 1983 PS
Cioni Riccardo & DJ F.T Band Choo choo train Master / MDJ 9302 Italia 1983 PS
City & Byte Sistem Candy dance Master MDJ9306 Italia NotPS
City & Byte System Only good time (Remix by R.Cioni) Discomagic  MIX234 Italia 1985 PS
City Center Profondo Rosso Discomagic  MIX129 Italia PS
Clara Gimme little sign EMI  1188346 Italia 1989 PS
Clayn Alan Street dance Lombardoni LMB027 Italia 1987 NotPS
Cleo Go go dynamo Many Records MN571 Italia PS
Cleo Go go dynamo Many Records MN571 Italia PS
Code 061 Drop the deal Many Rec./ MN 587 Italia 1987 NotPS
Colby Patrick Mandrill Plexy Class / PX 001 Italia 1985 PS
Colors Lonely night Discomagic MIX272 Italia PS
Comancero comanchero (remix) Green Production GP1001 Italia 1989 PS
Common Sense In front of you / babylon Out records 3045 Italia 1985 PS
Cookie Dingler Femme liberee Progress Record CIV47503 Italia 1985 PS
Cooper Ray Destination London Italia 1985 PS
Cooper Ray Breakdown Many Rec. / MN 528 Italia PS
Coveri Max One more time FDT 025 Italia 1986 PS
Creatures (the) Illusion (yellow vinyl) Chic 6,20464 Germany 1985 PS
Creatures (the) Illusion (LP) ZigZag ZPLZZ34231 Italia 1985 PS
Creatures (the) Japan CGD Italia 1986 PS
Creatures (the) Solar Eclipse / Just in the name of love Zigzag / ZCZZ 7411 Italia 1985 PS
Creatures (the) Where you are Chic 66,20324 Germany 1985 PS
Crew Jam I gotcha London Record P: LRP3017 Italia NotPS
Crew Jam Exotic nations Ram Mix00785 Italia 1985 PS
Cricket’s Band Sunny / Win my baby Many R. MN604 Italia 1988 PS
Cristina Gimme love BMS 318 Italia 1987 PS
Cristine Living together OUT 3044 Italia 1985 PS
Cruisin’ Gang My man Cruising CRN704 Italia PS
Cruisin’ Gang Let’s all funky I.D.D. One  Z01 Italia 1986 PS
Cruisin’ Gang China town (LP) Cruisin CRNLP801 Italia PS
Cruisin’ Gang My man Cruising CRN704 Italia PS
Cruisin’ Gang Chinatown / Making love -Marking Time Cruisin Rec. / CRN 713 Italia 1984 PS
Cruisin’ Gang Artist featuring P.J.   Marcus cruisin’ together Cruisin’ CRN746 Italia 1987 PS
Cruisin’ Gang with Laura Fadinger Tap dancing Cruisin Records CRN714 Italia PS
Cube Two heads are better than one Casablanca Italia 1982 PS
Cyber People Polaris Memory Records MEMIX015 Italia 1984 PS
D. Light (the) Scratch your face Discomagix MIX150 Italia 1983 PS
D.D. Band Misery night OUT MIX3020 Italia 1984 NotPS
D.J.F.T. Band Olè – oh tequila Master DM9316 Italia 1984 PS
D.J.F.T. Band Music & War Discomagic  MIX243 Italia PS
D.J.F.T. Band Music & War Discomagic  MIX243 Italia PS
D.J.M.T. eye to eye Pierrot Discoteque PRT001 Italia 1988 PS
D.R. Vincebt & the Tequila Brass Sugar sugar Skizzo SK101 Italia PS
Daco Mighty quinn Time Records TRD1024 Italia 1986 PS
Dadada Feel all right Many Rec. / MN 548 Italia NotPS
Dadada Feel all right Many Rec. / MN 548 Italia PS
Daphne You feel my love Discomagic MIX308 Italia PS
Data Living inside me Ariston ILL 2112 Italia 1983 PS
Databook Zighidizazazero Chapulin Italia 1986 PS
Databook Zighidizazazero Chapulin CH28501 Italia 1986 PS
Datalife Disco connection /dancing dreaming OUT 3052 Italia 1985 PS
Dave Electric She’s ready to rock! Ibiza IBZ423 Italia 1986 PS
De Gama Sexual fever Limited Edition LE004 Italia 1987 NotPS
De Razza Armando Vamos ad escobar CGD Italia 1989 NotPS
Deblanc Mon amour Italian records EXITM533 Italia 1987 PS
Deborah Danger for love Lombardoni Publishing LMB007 Italia 1985 PS
Deborah Danger for love Lombardoni Publishing LMB007 Italia 1985 PS
Dee Allen Inny Miny Miney Moo HISS RECORDS  AMD 007 PS
Dee D. Jackson Moolight starlight Ros Record RRMX170 Italia 1984 PS
Dee Jay Fifty Into the groove ZANZA ZBR002 Italia 1986 NotPS
Dee-Fecto … like sombreros American Records AMR008 Italia PS
Dharma Plastic doll System Music SM23582 Italia 1982 NotPS
Dhuo Walkin’ CGD int15125 Italia 1984 PS
Di Matteo Diavolo (one of these nights) Polydor 883304-1 GER 1985 PS
Diana Est Tenax Ricordi  SRML2018 Italia 1982 PS
Digital Game I’m your boogieman DID FS070184 Italia PS
Digital Game Please don’t go Many records MN538 Italia PS
Dissidented Casablanca / fata morgana Fuzz ZZ20019 Italia NotPS
Divina In the night together (orange vinyl) Fantasy MIX DR140 Italia NotPS
DJ – Division Din dada Discomagic  MIX169 Italia 1984 PS
Doctor’s Cat Andromeda Mooray Records MR704 Italia PS
Doctor’s Cat Watch out ! Il Discotto / ART 1028 Italia NotPS
Doktor Groove Hey man Radiorama RA87,02 Italia 1987 PS
Don Shelley Dance to the music Discomagic  MIX295 Italia PS
Donna Laser Ochestra vega synthauri FDT 002 Italia PS
Dore Valerie Lancelot EMI  2011996 Italia 1986 PS
Dore Valerie Get closed Merak MKX700 Italia PS
Dore Valerie King Arthur EMI 2014006 Italia 1986 PS
Dore Valerie Wrong direction EMI Italia 1988 PS
Dore Valerie Get closed Merak MKX700 Italia PS
Dorian Gray set up your love / Vogue 2 OUT 3502 Italia 1992 PS
Double You Billy’s belly Keep Music NR00183 Italia 1983 PS
Drep Have a good time (S.Pulga) Zanza ZRB003 Italia 1987 NotPS
D’urso Anthony Feel the night Fantasy MIXF110 Italia 1985 PS
D’urso Anthony Feel the night Fantasy MIXF110 Italia 1985 PS
Dyreen Nick it’s all right Esagono record EG107 Italia NotPS
Easy Going go away little girl Delirium DLM M25965 Italia PS
Easy Going baby i love you / little fairy / suzie q / do it again Banana PL 33001 Italia 1978 PS
Easy Going Strip you / fear / to simonetti / put me in the deal Banana BAN40501 Italia 1979 PS
Eddy Trauba & M.M. Greco Maccaroni radio Master DM955 Italia 1983 NotPS
Eden Steve & Paul James Memories emotions CRASH 1066 Italia 1985 PS
Eden Steve & Paul James Hollywood Thick Records TK010 Italia PS
Electra Cuando cuando Carrere 883338 GER PS
Electric Mind Can we go FullTime FTM31520 Italia 1983 PS
Electric Mind Feel good inside FullTime fmt 31554 Italia 1984 PS
Elite I can’t stand it Third label / 5010 Italia 1986 PS
Eller Dan Playtime NetWork music NW10001 Italia 1984 PS
Eller Dan Playtime NetWork music NW10001 Italia 1984 PS
Endgames first last for everything System Music  SM-23583 Italia 1982 PS
Endless Nostalgia Me and my alter ego Anemic Music AM IX001 Italia PS
Energy Talking about Sensation SNS8055 Italia PS
Ennio Manuel Heads i win, tails you lose Ala Bianca / 9001/85 Italia NotPS
Eraora No more illusions Ibiza record / IBZ 651349 6 Italia 1987 PS
Eric’s Friends Kiss me in the night Cocaine Records 00118 Italia 1983 PS
Esavu’ Sia -Siou’ (breakin’ up) Real Sound / RS 1007 Italia PS
Eugene Livin’ in your love Thick Record TK021 Italia 1985 PS
Eugene Livin’ in your love Thick Record TK021 Italia 1985 PS
Europe Primero Shure 12001 Italia 1984 PS
Europe Unisexappeal Tanga Label TL003 Italia 1983 PS
Evans & Fisher You set my heart on fire Techology TECHNO 12.11 Italia NotPS
Evans & Fisher You set my heart on fire Discomagic Italia NotPS
Extra Large Lose my time FDT 021 Italia 1986 NotPS
F.A.S. Mc cartney unlimited songs KeeponMusik mix171 Italia PS
Fake Brick Discotto ART1060 Italia 1985 PS
Fake Frogs in Spain / Memories of pan CGD / INT 15136 Italia 1984 PS
Fake Brick Discotto ART1060 Italia 1985 PS
Fake Right / New art DID D8412 Italia NotPS
Fake Arabian toys / Rain over the nile Discotto / 1051 Italia 1985 NotPS
Family Number One Niagara .. (into my boat) Mercury 880710-1 Italia 1985 PS
Famous Highway Durium DEX13049 Italia 1983 NotPS
Farina Mark Take your time EMI 2017566 Italia 1987 PS
Farina Mark Easy life Many Records MN552 Italia PS
Farrington Alan Shout on / wake up Casablanca 8887421 Italia 1987 PS
Farrow Kate Pride and lovers OUT 3069 Italia 1986 PS
Fawzia Please, dont be sad Italian Records EXITM519 Italia PS
Federico l’olandese volante Just another love song Discomagic MIX194 Italia 1984 PS
Filippini Listen to your heart OUT 3037 Italia 1985 PS
Finzy Kontini O la la American Disco AMD022 Italia PS
Finzy Kontini Cha- cha – cha America record AMD015 Italia NotPS
Fire Body & Ice Liberation Il discotto / Art. 1026 Italia 1983 PS
Firefly 5 Prince of the day Usa Records USA8601 Italia 1986 PS
Flash System For oldfield (five miles out) Hot Point P. 002 Italia PS
Flash System For oldfield (five miles out) Hot Point P. 002 Italia NotPS
FlashDancers Maniac (remix dance version) Top Secret TS1011 Italia 1983 PS
Flex Shakin’ night boogey F1Team 9324 Italia 1985 PS
Flexi Cowboys domination Out 3029 Italia 1985 NotPS
Flo Astaire Monket monkey Memory MEMIX050 Italia 1985 PS
Florence Hey, hey, hey! ThirdLabel THIRD5013 Italia 1987 PS
Florence I’ll be with you Expanded EX50 Italia 1988 PS
Floyd Parson Shine on you crazy diamond  / ..   Asong Crash DS020 Italia PS
Flying D.J. Marylin Flying MIX005 Italia 1985 PS
Fobert Marcel & Folie Club Rapfolie Manu Rec. / MN 507 Italia PS
Fockewulf 190 Gitano F1Team  DM9319 Italia 1984 NotPS
Foster Calipso girl Mr .Disc / 31573 Italia 1985 PS
Foster Calipso girl Mr .Disc / 31573 Italia 1985 NotPS
Foster Ray Be my girl CBS Italia 1986 PS
Foster Sylvi Hookey Discomagic  MIX107 Italia 1982 NotPS
Francis Mike Suddenly back to me Concorder / Cat 2019 Italia 1987 PS
Francis Mike Features (Album / LP) Concorde ZL34307 Italia 1985 PS
Francis Mike Survivor Concorde CND15001 Italia 1984 PS
Francis Mike Time out of time / Don’t start givin’ up RCA PT42356 Italia 1988 PS
Franjo Manuel Tear by Tear / surrender StripedHorse 9327 Italia 1985 PS
Frau cheeky courting MUSIC FOR PLEASURE  MFP8401 Italia 1984 PS
Fun Fun Baila Bolero X-Energy X-12019 Italia 1987 PS
Fun Fun Gimme some loving X-Energy X-12022 Italia 1987 PS
Fun Fun Happy Station X-Energy X-12003 Italia PS
G.M.T. One Reggae nights medley / rappin’ nights (1 and 2) London LRP3023 Italia 1987 PS
Gabriel Tina If you say you love me MEM MEMIX081 Italia 1988 PS
Gap Maracuan RaRe 03888 Italia 1988 NotPS
Garage Sun Song Reggae / la canzone del sole Sensation SNS8056 Italia NotPS
Gary Thomas & Rappers Lost in rap New Music MNX01 Italia PS
Gaucho Dance forever System Music SM23584 Italia 1983 NotPS
Gazebo Gazebo (album with love in your eyes EXT/ i like chopin EXT) Baby records BR56050 Italia 1983 PS
Gazebo The sun goes down on milk way Carosello PROMIX004 Italia 1986 NotPS
Gazebo Trotsky Burger Discomagic  MIX291 Italia PS
Gazebo Give me one day / diamonds are forever Carosello CIX59 Italia 1987 PS
Gazebo Master piece Best 12003 Italia 1982 NotPS
Gazebo Univision (LP) Carosello CLN25119 Italia 1986 PS
Gazebo Telephone Mama (LP) Baby RecordsBR56061 Italia 1984 PS
Gaznevada Sex sister EMI Italia 1986 PS
Gazuzu Go go gorilla Discomagic  MIX119 Italia PS
George G He is the one Lombardoni Publishings LMB009 Italia 1986 PS
Gepy & Gepy stop your love Piramide azzurra r. ZBCPA7375 Italia 1984 PS
Gino Latino No sorry Time Italia 1989 PS
Gino Latino Welcome / Gimme Five 3 Yo / IBZ 654536 6 Italia 1988 PS
Gipsy & Queen Brown sugar / love / plaza de sol Time TRD1084 Italia 1988 PS
Gipsy & Queen brown sugar Time Records TRD1050 Italia PS
Gomma Baiana Discomagic MIx161 Italia 1984 PS
Green Lights Every breath you take Rainbow R.R.1201 Italia PS
Guys (The) Smalltown boy Eurobeat Records  EUR1900 Italia PS
Hally & K.B. Sexy gun OntheRoad / 104 Italia PS
Hallygally & Tuca Tuca Hel little mama Fly / TPF 008 Italia 1984 PS
Hancook Dave Master plan Master 9301 Italia PS
Hansen Cristina Lady godiva Polydor 8855411 Italia 1987 PS
Harrow Den Bad boy Babyrecords BR54063 Italia 1985 NotPS
Harrow Den Catch the fox Babyrecords BR54077 Italia 1986 PS
Harrow Den Tell me why Babyrecords BR54083 Italia 1987 PS
Harrow Den Mad desire Gong 010 Italia PS
Harrow Den To meet me Hole records OLE20100 Italia 1983 PS
Harrow Den The best of (LP) Baby Records BR56123 Italia 1989 PS
Harrow Den Born to love Baby Records GER 1988 PS
Harrow Den Day by day (with Energy rain) (LP) Baby Records BR56109 Italia 1987 PS
Harrow Den Don’t break my heart Baby records BR54082 Italia 1987 PS
Harrow Den Born to love Baby Records / BR 54092 Italia 1988 PS
Hattle Jock Crazy hattle /  yes no Family Market Rec. / RM 2012 Italia 1983 PS
Heart Michael Some girls Smash One Music SHO12212 Italia PS
Helen Zanzibar Discomagic MIX244 Italia 1985 PS
Hemyl Keep on rovkin’ Missing records MSS300 Italia 1986 PS
Herick Kim tonight is the night OUT 3053 Italia 1985 NotPS
Hi-Fi Brothers The line Italian Records EXITM514 Italia 1983 PS
Hilarie Inside of you GreeProduction Italia 1988 PS
Hill Jane Dizzy night BabyRecords BR54058 Italia 1985 PS
Hilton Mark Night girl Euro Music C. Eurm 1988 Italia PS
Hipnosis Pulsar / end title (blade runner) Memory Records MEMIX002 Italia 1983 NotPS
Hipnosis Astrodance Memory Records MEMIX023 Italia 1984 PS
Hivoh To be together I.B Records IB0601 Italia PS
Hooker Tom Real men Merak MKX410 Italia PS
Hooker Tom Feeling okay Babyrecords BR54091 Italia 1988 PS
Hooker Tom Only one (trasparen vinyl) Heaven Records HVR0186 Italia 1986 PS
Hooker Tom Indian girl / love attack FullTime FTM31538 Italia 1984 PS
Hooker Tom Talk with your body / dove andiamo (italian version) / talk with your   body (instr.) / try me out FullTime FTM31509 Italia 1982 PS
Hooker Tom Looking for love Babyrecords BR54071 Italia 1986 PS
Hooker Tom Help Me Baby Rec. / BR 54080 Italia 1986 PS
Hooker Tom Atlantis Baby records / BR 54086 Italia 1987 PS
Hot Cold I can hear your voice Discotto ART1071 Italia 1986 NotPS
Hovoyds I don’t want to talk about it Crash /DS 010 Italia PS
Huntington Eddy U.S.S.R. Esquire SQ87503 Italia 1986 PS
Huntington Eddy Up & Down Esquire SQ87506 Italia 1987 PS
Huntington Eddy May day Esquire SQ87514 Italia 1988 PS
Instant Pin ball dance on Discomagic  MIX187 Italia 1984 PS
Isamar & Compania Amour suave Discomagic  MIX360 Italia PS
Italian Boys Until the morning / gigolo be remix ( red vinyl) BMS 307 Italia 1986 PS
Italian Boys Gigolo BMS 303 Italia 1986 PS
J. & T. dance with me ATL Records AMX12002 Italia NotPS
J.D. Allen Monkey Sensation SNS 8029 Italia PS
J.D. Jaber Don’t stop lovin’ Memory Records MEMIX005 Italia 1983 NotPS
J.J. Young Medley (“19” , “rock it” OUT 3042 Italia 1985 NotPS
J.M.B.I. Snoopy’scount house American Records AMR0015 Italia NotPS
Jab wach the table / lacky day FullTime FTM8008 Italia 1980 NotPS
Jack is fallen That’s all Folks / Let’s try with the guitar Quantized Record / QR 00191 Italia PS
Jacques Peter (Band) Drives me crazy / Walking on music Renaissance / RNS 12013 Italia 1985 PS
Janicke Say say say Merak MKX630 Italia 1987 PS
Jay Mark Whacha gonna do? OUT 3054 Italia 1985 PS
Jo Lewis Hot love Many Records NS002 Italia PS
Joan Katton Suzie’s pants (sex sex sex) CITY RECORD C6508 Italia 1985 PS
Joe Yellow Love to lover / Lover Hole Rec. / OLE 20101 Italia 1983 PS
Joe Yellow Love at first Power records Italia 1986 PS
Joe Yellow Recollection FDT017 Italia 1985 PS
Joe Yellow Take my heart Discomagic MIX186 Italia 1984 PS
Johnson Kevin Video night SpeedRecords 12010 Italia 1984 PS
Johnson Orlando One night pleaser GoodVibes PM120016 Italia 1985 PS
Johnson Orlando no change / turn the music on FullTime FTM31586 Italia NotPS
Johnson Patty I’m in love GoodVibes PM120014 Italia 1985 PS
Johnson Patty I’m in love (pink vinyl) Good Vibes PM120014 Italia 1985 PS
Johnson Patty and Orlando Tough boys RCA Italia 1987 PS
Johnson Righeira Foundation (the) yes I know my way / nina yo te quiro CGD 15342 Italia 1987 PS
Jones Ronnie The captain of her heart SCO 12002 Italia 1985 PS
Jones Ronnie Richman FullTime FTM31548 Italia 1984 PS
Joy She and I Limited Edition LE012 Italia 1987 PS
Joy Michael Dancin’ Discomagic MIX120 Italia PS
Judy B. Thank you DJ DJD318 Canada 1982 NotPS
Jumpers (the) Coke and roll / rock and roll boogie Avangarde AVA77012 Italia 1980 NotPS
Juni G. Chuckle Chuckle ! baby record / BR 54079 Italia 1986 PS
K.I.D. i wanna piece of the action / the shoop song Baby Records BR54010 Italia 1982 NotPS
K.S.B. Misaluba Empire / 03  EM  301 Italia 1983 NotPS
Kahn James One million stars Musix MX9402 Italia 1984 PS
Kajay Shangai Hero Time TRD1006 Italia 1985 PS
Kajay Shangai Hero Time TRD1006 Italia 1985 PS
Kam Joyce Fantasy Time TRD1025 Italia PS
Kamillo Buenas noches Disocmagic MIX125 Italia PS
Kane Carol I don’t belive Discotto ART1029 Italia 1983 PS
Kano Another life (album) Fulltime / FTM 31716 Italia 1983 PS
Kano Dont’s try to stop me / Baby not tonight Full Time / FTM 31504 Italia 1981 NotPS
Kano Kano (LP) Emergency EMLP 7505 USA 1980 PS
Kano ( Glen White ) This is the night / semblance (yellow vinyl) Chic 6,20512 Germany 1985 PS
Karat jede stunde / falsher glanz Bond Records BX101 Italia 1983 NotPS
Karisma Plop of the value Mi Amigo AMIX8 Italia 1987 NotPS
Karl Otto promise of love ATL Records AMX12003 Italia PS
Kasso baby doll’ F1Team DM9633 Italia 1985 NotPS
Kat Mandu I wanna dance Brass Records BRDS2520 USA 1981 NotPS
Kat Mandu Kat Mandu vol.2 ” get crackin” (LP) Uniwave records WLP1017 Canada PS
Keith Danny I feel right Time TRD1020 Italia PS
Kelvin Tommy Jungle bow wow Harmony /00700 Italia PS
Ken Laszlo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Memory MEMIX061 Italia 1987 PS
Ken Laszlo Ken Laszlo (album) Memory records MELP005 Italia 1987 PS
Ken Laszlo hey hey guy Mem Records MEMIX 016 Italia 1984 PS
Ken Laszlo Don’t cry Memory records MEMIX045 Italia 1986 PS
Ken Laszlo Red man / black pearl MEMory  MEMIX073 Italia 1988 PS
Kex let’s dance Rap Record DM20128 Italia PS
Kiki Gaida Virginal mystery CGd 15307 Italia 1987 PS
Kinley Deborah Surprise Atlantide 5003 Italia 1984 PS
Kinley Deborah Surprise Atlantide 5003 Italia 1984 NotPS
Kitch Club (the) Can’t stop saying i love you PlexyGlass MEMIX019 Italia 1984 PS
Kitch Club (the) Can’t stop saying i love you PlexyGlass MEMIX019 Italia 1984 PS
Klein & MBO Dirty talk Siamese Sia012x Canada NotPS
Koma band I ni ghi nà CRASH DS006 Italia PS
Konty Through the night Discomagic MIX235 Italia 1985 PS
Koto Chinese Revenge Cellophane / SCV 2202 Italia 1982 NotPS
Koto Japanase war game Memory Rec. / MEMIX 008 Italia 1983 PS
Koto Dragon’s legend Mem MEMIX074 Italia 1988 PS
Koto Jabdah Memory Rec / Memix 047 Italia 1986 PS
Koto Visitors (new version ’86 – special DJ’s) Label dubon independant1565086 France 1986 PS
Koxo Shake it up Interstate FM53p01 Italia PS
Krisma iceberg carosello CIX53 Italia 1986 PS
L.A. Message Dead or alive Baby records BR54066 Italia 1985 NotPS
L.A.N.D.R.O. & Co. Get up, gep on up New Music / NMX 020 Italia PS
L.S. Manera Sombrero LGO Music LGO012121 Italia NotPS
La Troupe dancing Drums Edizioni Musicali ED2149 Italia 1984 PS
Lady Nash My crime is passion Reflex Records RR67503 Italia 1985 PS
Lamè You’ ve got the night Golden Sound GMX101 Italia 1985 PS
Lang Chris Disco island Crash / DS 018 Italia PS
Lang David Tomboy Durium DEX13098 Italia 1987 PS
Larabell Up and down / far away Discomagic MIX313 Italia NotPS
Larabell Stop (when you do what you do) Discomagic MIX297 Italia PS
Larabell feel it Discomagic MIX 285 Italia PS
Laser Cowboys Ultra warp ItaloHeat ITH001 GER 1984 PS
Laurie Whell of love Memory records MEMIX057 Italia 1987 PS
Life , Love & Liverty Young boy Zanza ZR0118 Italia 1983 PS
Lift Up Diamonds never made a lady Discomagic  MIX265 Italia PS
Local Boy (Mario Flores) Midnight hour Many Records MN540 Italia PS
Logo Breaking bossa nova WEA Italia 1984 NotPS
Lola Weekend holiday Blond Records BLX103 Italia NotPS
Los Angeles T. F. Everliving fever / plastic paradise Proxima Centauri MH1001 Italia PS
Losi Daniele Tom Tom Beat Avademy Records  ACD8503 Italia 1985 PS
Louis Bad times OUT 32.17 Italia 1989 PS
Low Gary give me a friend GoldenSound GMX105 Italia 1990 PS
Low Gary Forever, tonight and all my life CAT records CAT71501 Italia 1983 PS
Low Gary Where I am/ Play the game CAT records CAT7364 Italia 1984 PS
Low Gary I wanna be with you EMI Italia 1986 PS
M. Claude rain dance Discomagic MIX299 Italia PS
M.B. Banana Band just let me taken you Master DeeJay MDJ 9305 Italia NotPS
Mac J.R. Elephant song Discomagic Italia 1984 PS
Macho Gang Sahara Macho Records 12.08 Italia PS
Macho Gang Sahara Macho Records 12.08 Italia NotPS
Madame Claude Wait Many Rec. / MN 557 Italia 1986 PS
Madigan Ice cold love On the road  OTR100 Italia 1986 PS
Magica I know magica Time Records TRD1004 Italia 1985 PS
Magic-a Heaven is a secred Rainbow / R. 1201 Italia 1986 PS
Magnetic Dream (medlay: magnetic dream – you keep me hangin on) / breeze DUCK Records DKP004 Italia 1983 PS
Malcom and the Bad girls Shoot me Hiss 008 Italia PS
Maltese Riki Warrion Power Records PDR003 Italia 1986 PS
Maltese Riki Warrion Power Records PDR003 Italia 1986 PS
Maquillage medley : odyssey – dance hall days / dance hall days Crash DS015 Italia PS
Maran Joe & D.J. Girls King of the radio NewYork Production NY0183 Italia PS
Marco Martina Venture in my heart OUT3059 Italia PS
Marilytz she’s a bad girl Thick Record TK025 Italia PS
Marimba Tree Hush (remix) Hiss Records HISS012 Italia PS
Marjory Stop (when you do what you do) Many records MN575 Italia 1987 PS
Marrow Lee Shanghai Discomagic  MIX227 Italia 1985 PS
Marrow Lee Cannibals Discomagic  MIX276 Italia PS
Marrow Lee Cannibals Discomagic  MIX276 Italia NotPS
Marrow Lee Don’t stop the music Discomagic  MIX317 Italia PS
Marrow Lee Sayonara Discomagic  MIX253 Italia 1985 PS
Marrow Lee Sayonara (red vinyl) Chic Germany 1985 PS
Marrow Lee Mr. Fantasy Disco Magic / MIX 280 Italia PS
Marsh Simon Echoing heart RaRe 01486 Italia 1986 PS
Martin Brian Sex Tonight AmeriocanDisco AMD 010 Italia PS
Martin Steve Let me go FDT 012 Italia PS
Martin Steve ToyBoy (only for promotional use) Merak / MKX 120 Italia 1986 PS
Martin Steve ToyBoy Merak / 142011796 Italia 1986 PS
Martinelli Cenerentola MoonRay records MR700 Italia NotPS
Martinelli Victoria Moonray / MR 710 Italia 1987 PS
Martinelli O. Express MoonRay record MR709 Italia 1986 PS
Martinelli Cenerentola MoonRay records MR700 Italia PS
Martinelli Voice (in the night) Discotto ART1024 Italia 1983 PS
Martinelli Revolution Mooray records / MR 706 Italia 1986 PS
Martinelli Summer lovers MoonRay records MR712 Italia 1987 PS
Marton Sandy White storm in the jungle Ibiza Records IBZ430 Italia 1986 PS
Marton Sandy La paloma blanca Ibiza Records IBZ6550032 Italia 1989 PS
Marton Sandy Modern lovers Ibiza IBZ426 Italia 1986 PS
Marton Sandy Exotic & Erotic Demo Disco Promo PS
Marton Sandy White storm in the jungle (remix by Ma-Ma) Demo-Disc DD431 (Ibiza) Italia PS
Marton Sandy Exotic and erotic Ibiza r.IBZ416 DEMO DISC Italia 1985 NotPS
Marton Sandy La paloma blanca Demo-Disc DD008 (Ibiza) Italia 1989 NotPS
Marton Sandy White storm in the jungle CBS / A12,7110 Italia 1986 PS
Marton Sandy Exotic and erotic Ibiza records / IBZ416 Italia 1985 PS
Marton Sandy Love synchronicity SM 1001 Italia 1987 PS
Marvin Ted Malinda Belinda CGD / INT 15141 Italia 1984 PS
Marzio Vulcano  / the phabtom of the opera Maximus D0020 Italia NotPS
Marzio Dance Marinero FullTime FTM31550 Italia 1984 PS
Marzio Dance DJ Rap-o-hush Xenon XN002 Italia 1983 PS
Maskio Dear sir.. DID D8401 Italia PS
Matia Bazar I feel you (ti sento) Ariston  ARX16040 Italia 1986 PS
Matia Bazar I feel you (ti sento) Ariston  ARX16040 Italia 1986 PS
Matisse la dolce vita CBS PRM097 Italia 1987 NotPS
Matrix 40 Danger zone / midnight wind Digital Records DR8606 Italia PS
Mauro Marani Thai dance / money / to travel to thailand / ruang Travel made in ThailandNL7/162 Italia 1987 PS
Max my song ROS Record RRMX 165 Italia 1984 PS
Max & Max Celebration Carosello CIX70 Italia 1991 PS
Max Him no escape Cruisin’ Records CRN’708 Italia PS
Maxi Sand Don’t be talking about that ClubMaster Record CMR8401 Italia PS
Mc Dean Mark Italian girl FDT 023 Italia 1986 PS
Mc Foy Jimmy Hi Girl Keepon Musik KM83851 Italia 1985 NotPS
Mc Foy Jimmy Hi Girl Keepon Musik KM83851 Italia 1985 PS
Mc Foy Jimmy Ziezo Ra.Re 03088 Italia PS
MC Gee Maurice gravity / styx FullTime FTM31551 Italia 1984 PS
Mc Piano Roby The scot ghost Tanga label TL005 Italia PS
Meccano Activate my heart / ipnotica KeepOnMusic KM83858 Italia NotPS
Meccano Down down romeo Keepon Musik KM83855 Italia PS
Meccano Activate my heart / ipnotica KeepOnMusic KM83858 Italia PS
Meek Rabbit Sweetheart in England Caravel Records car r0003 Italia 1983 PS
Men of Time Time Time Thick Record / TK 015 Italia 1985 PS
Mental-Moments Mental-moments Music Huom FRL49501 Italia 1982 NotPS
Mex I’m occupied NOTTE ANTICA  NT 102 Italia PS
Micaela si senor Jocks Ftm 31614 Italia 1988 PS
Micioni Peter If you wanna dance /driving on broadway / I’m a man / let’ disco dance Speak East / SPK 00133 Italia PS
Midnight Gang Hollywood city Spped Records SPR12005 Italia 1984 PS
Mike Up Just for you (trasparent vinyl) Fantasy MIX DR130 Italia NotPS
Miko Mission One step to heaven BlowUp BU0066 Italia 1989 PS
Miko Mission The world is you BlowUp 0039 Italia 1984 PS
Miko Mission Two for love BlowUp BU0050 Italia 1985 PS
Mikron Polinesia Discotto Italia 1985 PS
Mino Dupon de la lune Durium DEX13037 Italia 1983 NotPS
Mirage Woman (vinyl black) Discotto DS001 Italia NotPS
Mirage Change your life Plexy Class / Memix 018 Italia 1984 PS
Mirage No more no war / just one more change Sidet SID M102 Italia 1985 NotPS
Miranda Betty Take me to the top Discotto 1038 Italia PS
Miranda Betty S.O.S. Many records MN564 Italia 1986 PS
Mito Droid Zanza zr0111 Italia 1982 NotPS
Modem Your fun Peeker melody PME128403 Italia PS
Mona Lisa / Victoria Queen of love Hit Records H30.266 Italia 1987 NotPS
Monia Nuclear war Missing Records MSS200 Italia 1986 NotPS
Monia Nuclear war Merak Music 14 2010426 Italia 1986 PS
Montana Tonny Yo no soy loco Discomagic MIX418 Italia PS
Moon Ray Viva Moonray / 702 Italia PS
Moo’n Ray Tornado shout Moonray MR708 Italia PS
Moon Ray (raggio di luna) Comanchero Discotto 1043 Italia PS
Moonshine China Sidet SID m 103 Italia 1985 PS
Moonshine China Sidet SID m 103 Italia 1985 PS
Moral Support living with passion TCO 107 CAN 1983 NotPS
Morgana Come back to me Many Records MN586 Italia 1987 PS
Morgana Ready for love Many R. MN576 Italia 1987 PS
Moroder Giorgio & Paul Engermann American Dream / Too hot to touch (red vinyl) Oasis / 6,20381 GER 1984 PS
Moroser Giorgio & Paul Engermann Shannon’s Eyes (green vinyl) Oasis / 6,20412 GER 1985 PS
Moroser Giorgio & Paul Engermann Shannon’s Eyes (red vinyl) Oasis / 6,20412 GER 1985 PS
Morris Charly I’m flying for you Third Label Italia 1986 PS
Moses Our revolution (new mix) Revolution record REV111 Italia 1985 PS
Moses Our revolution SPQR 1128 Italia 1985 PS
Moses Our revolution (new mix) RCA pt40452 Italia 1986 PS
Mr. DJ Broken wings Di-Gei Music D.J.M. 27 Italia 1986 PS
Mr. Flagio Take a change Squish BTV10001 Italia 1983 PS
Must I am a bally dancer Jumbo JU12004 Italia 1983 PS
My Mine Stone / Juaresh MyRecords MYX200 Italia 1985 NotPS
N.O.I.A. Do you wanna dance Italian Records EXITM522 Italia PS
Natasha AM-FM (Rap) BEST RECORD  12011 NotPS
Natasha King On ice CGD INT15143 Italia 1984 PS
Natasha King I’ll take youhing, high HR records HR10003 Italia 1985 PS
Navach I’m dancing all the night / Disco Queen Dancer record  / 002 Italia 1980 NotPS
Neon Red light / sister shadow Depandance SD610N Italia PS
New Boys Town Gang rockin love (medley) Limited Edition LE003 Italia NotPS
New Tone Please hold me tight / the curser powder Universal music UNX001 Italia PS
Nightless Crazy nights / Crazy night (remix) Spago Records SR00500 Italia PS
Nips Sea of the sun EYES KEY12652 Italia PS
Noia / Tracy Spencer summertime blues / two to tango too CBS PRM109 Italia 1988 NotPS
Novecento I need love Hundred 901 Italia 1990 PS
Novecento Necessary / love the feeling -remix / I will never let you down (2 remix) Baby Records MIX54114 Italia 1992 PS
Novecento Why me Wea 249063-0 Italia 1985 PS
Novecento Excessive love CGD ART15225 Italia 1986 PS
Novecento Why me Wea 249063-0 Italia 1985 PS
Novecento Day and night Babyrecords MIX54111 Italia 1992 PS
Novecento Shine (LP) Fuve FM13611 Italia 1988 PS
O’ Gar Playback fantasy Magic Circus Productions/25002 Italia PS
O’ Gar Playback fantasy Magic Circus Productions/25002 Italia PS
Off Limits no soul Speed records / 12017 Italia 1985 PS
Off Models Medlay Pepito…… FonitCetra Italia 1987 PS
Oltean You wanta be master GoodVibes PM120012 Italia 1984 PS
On Air Movies at the movies CGD 15186 Italia 1985 PS
One Albert Lady o’ Baby records 601936 GER 1985 PS
One Albert Visions Media records / MR 522 Italia 1988 NotPS
One Albert Heart on fire BabyRecords BR54055 Italia 1985 PS
One Way Let me feel your body Third Label Third500 Italia 1986 PS
One, Two Dance all days / Night Dancer Discomagic  MIX172 Italia 1984 PS
One, Two, Three Runaway / restless love Baby R. BR54022 Italia 1983 NotPS
Otis Ligget Every breath you take / every beat you hear Best Records BEST12021 Italia 1983 NotPS
Otto Mix Sahara Sand Discomagic  MIX224 Italia 1984 PS
Otto Mix & P.K. Siegel Baby on fire Discomagic MIX250 Italia 1985 PS
Ottomix & 50/50 Brothers house Rolls record RLS1906 Italia NotPS
P. Lion under the moon Durium DEX13088 Italia 1986 PS
P. Lion Happy children American Disco AMD004 Italia PS
P.J. Marcus Ciccalaccacocco Cruisin Rec. / CRN 712 Italia 1984 PS
P.J. Marcus bad rap Cruisin R. CRN747 Italia 1987 PS
P.J. Marcus for your sweet information Cruisin’ records CRN735 Italia 1985 NotPS
P4F Notorius meadley Le Freak Ibiza IBZ4371 Italia 1987 PS
P4F Winner Ibiza Rec./ IBZ 436 Italia 1987 PS
Paac Society little girl Discomagic MIX 204 Italia 1988 NotPS
Paac Society Fantasy Discomagic  MIX206 Italia 1984 PS
Page 2 interface city / help me now Baby records BR54050 Italia 1984 PS
Paris Latino Sentimento Emi Italia 1987 PS
Paris Ryan Fall in Love Discomagic  MIX152 Italia PS
Paris Ryan Dolce vita Discomagic  MIX117 Italia NotPS
Paris Ryan Ryan Paris (LP) RCA PL70601 Italia 1984 PS
Parking Fashion Power Records PDR002 Italia 1986 PS
Parsifal Carillon Crash DS034 Italia 1985 PS
Patrol Gambler PromoPana PRO1 Italia NotPS
Paul Paul Good times Discomagic  MIX147 Italia 1983 PS
Persuader So decide Renaissance RNS2015 Italia 1985 PS
Peter Jacques Band This night Renaissance RNS12014 Italia 1985 PS
Pierrot’s Gang Mexico Crash DS013 Italia PS
Pink Porject Split (album) Baby R. BR56053 Italia 1983 PS
Pink Project Disco project Zanza ZR0110 Italia 1982 PS
Pink Project B. project Zanza ZR0128 Italia 1983 PS
Plastic Mode Mi amour / baja imperial ( two hit’s U.S. REMIX) Discomagic MIX 237 Italia 1985 PS
Plustwo melody / stop fantasy MIO records DMI001 Italia 1983 PS
Pozzoli Silver From you to me Many Records MN562 Italia 1986 PS
Premio Nobel Sugar love Ibiza Record / IBZ 439 Italia 1987 PS
Premio Nobel baby doll Italian records EXITM531 Italia 1986 PS
Presence Help me mama (part II) / for your smile RAM 01085 Italia PS
Presence Help me mama Ram 00284 Italia 1984 PS
Presence look for another time RaRe 02087 Italia 1987 PS
Prima Voice Kings and queens DID 8403 Italia 1983 PS
Program 2 world of stone X-Energy X-12014 Italia 1985 PS
Public Passion Flash in the night Chapulin CH28500 Italia 1986 PS
Pulga Stefano Love taker System Music Records SM23586 Italia 1983 PS
Puviani Stefano That’s a wide world American Record AMR002 Italia 1984 NotPS
Puviani Stefano That’s a wide world American Record AMR002 Italia 1984 PS
Qualley Paul J. please please Five FM13803 Italia 1984 PS
Queen Martin Shock Academy Records ACD8508 Italia PS
Radio Movie Let’s move together Radio Movie 19844 Italia NotPS
Radiorama Desire OUT 3055 Italia 1985 PS
Radiorama Bad boy you Radiorama RA89.01 Italia 1989 PS
Radiorama Change to desire Discomagic  MIX226 Italia 1985 PS
Radiorama Aliens Discomagic  MIX300 Italia PS
Radiorama Sing the beatles Radiorama RA88.02 Italia 1988 PS
Radiorama Yeti Discomagic  Mix310 Italia PS
Radiorama Vampires OUT 3067 Italia PS
Raf Self Control / Running away Carrere CA6161600 Italia 1984 PS
Raf Hard Carrere CAR72501 Italia 1986 PS
Raf Self Control / Running away Carrere CA6161600 Italia 1984 PS
Ramsdy Jay and Gang devil’s rap Limited Edition L.E.001 Italia PS
Ranko Happy world Merak MKX500 Italia PS
Rare Band Why why RARE 01186 Italia 1986 PS
Ray & John (the) day by day Durium DEX13058 Italia 1984 PS
Raynard. J. E.T. casanova System Music SM 23585 Italia NotPS
Real Corporation All of the time Sensation SNS8042 Italia PS
Real Man Follow me Cruisin CRN53507 Italia 1988 PS
Reeds In your eyes Discotto / 1057 Italia 1985 PS
Reeds The game Discotto ART1036 Italia PS
Reeds In your eyes Discotto / 1057 Italia 1985 PS
Reeds Straight down Di-Gei music BPM107 Italia 1987 PS
Reeds marines Discotto ART1068 Italia 1986 PS
Ricky Play & Marco D.J. Crazy Toy ANANDA RECORDS  AND 0017 Italia PS
Rico & C. Chiquita OLLY records HR26503 Italia 1984 PS
Righeira Italians a go-go CGD15249 Italia 1986 PS
Riofax call me desire Q105 Italia PS
Risen From The Rank AIDS EP 01 Italia 1985 PS
Rizzo Just tonight Cruising CRN741 Italia 1986 PS
Robert Lloyd sometime GONG 002 Italia PS
Roger B. Band Project n.1 – in the air Keepon Musik mix137 Italia 1983 PS
Rokets Don’t give up (re-mix) CGD 15219 Italia 1986 PS
Roncuccy and Crazy Winner Time Records TRD1022 Italia PS
Rose Magic Carillion Discomagic  MIX153 Italia 1984 PS
Rose I wanna be your love Time TRD1072 Italia 1988 PS
Ross don’t stop Flea FL8331 Italia PS
Ross Can’t take my eyes off you BMS 313 Italia 1986 PS
Ross Conti Out of love Discoclub CLUB3135 Italia 1987 PS
Rosy Brand new day Limited Edition LE005 Italia PS
Row Bob Trouble comin’ every day FDT 003 Italia PS
Rudi & Co. Everybody go! AmericanDisco AMR001 Italia 1984 PS
Rudy & Co Everybody go! Time TRD1014 (WHITE LABEL) Italia 1985 NotPS
Rudy & Co Mama Radio Time TRD1014 Italia 1985 PS
Rudy & Co. Play the game (lolly dance) Power Records PDR010 Italia 1986 PS
Sabrina My chico Videogram VI121202 Italia 1988 PS
Sabrina Sexy girl Ibiza / IBZ427 DEMO DISC Italia 1986 NotPS
Sabrina Sexy girl Ibiza / IBZ427 Italia 1986 PS
Sahara Turn another page SM / SM 55501 Italia 1983 PS
Sahara Shining Many Records MN551 Italia PS
Sahara & Kano Carry on Line Records M101 Italia 1984 PS
Sahara Band Habibi LCA 5002 Italia 1983 PS
Samoa Park Tubular affair Zanza ZR0130 Italia 1983 PS
Sandy Linton high energy – reach out ( i’ll be there) Eyes KEY12653 Italia PS
Savage Celebrate Emergent EMRX104 Italia 1986 PS
Savage So close Discomagic MIX346 Italia 1988 PS
Savage Good bye Discomagic MIX355 Italia 1989 PS
Savage Don’t cry tonight Discomagic  MIX133 Italia PS
Savage Time Discomagic  MIX257 Italia 1985 PS
Savage Only you Discomagic  MIX195 Italia 1984 PS
Saxophone Souvenir (ti voglio tanto bene) FDT 009 Italia PS
Scoop Say you go WhiteDog WDR0002 Italia PS
Scotch Disco band American Disco Italia 1984 PS
Scotch Mirage / Amor por victoria American disco AMD024 Italia PS
Scotch Man to Man / Discolation American Rec./ AMD 030 Italia 1987 PS
Scotch Pictures AmericaDisco AMD028 Italia 1987 PS
Scotch Money runner American disco / AMD025 Italia PS
Sea and Land I can’t stay alone / billie jean Durium DEX13096 Italia 1987 PS
Seba Charlie Brown C&M Cultura & Musica ZCCM7320 Italia 1983 NotPS
Seba I feel it now Dancer 005 Italia NotPS
Selection Madly FullTime FTN45006 Italia 1980 NotPS
Selection REMIX ( ride the beam / rebel on the run /got to be real / go to be real   (inst.) FullTime FTM31515 Italia 1983 NotPS
Senese James Love supreme Emi Italia 1988 PS
Seventhree Get up Small Town Records SOS101 Italia 1988 PS
Sex Band Come on let’s dance (sex dance) GoodVibes PM12008 Italia PS
Sexx & the Supernatural Western way / take pictures Panarecord PDM12001 Italia 1987 PS
Sha Byron Sha sha fu fu / Kitchen raggae Rainbow /03 Italia 1986 NotPS
Sha Byron Sha sha fu fu / Kitchen raggae Rainbow /03 Italia 1986 PS
Shadow Coming down Ponge PMX2003 Italia PS
Sharada Paul Dancing all the night Discotto ART1047 Italia PS
Sharada Paul Boxers Discotto ART1070 Italia 1986 NotPS
Sharada Paul Dancing all the night Discotto ART1047 Italia NotPS
Sharon Boyfriend Liquirizia / LP 1112 Italia 1985 PS
Shirley Ross If you leave me now Tnaga Label TL002 Italia NotPS
Silence featuring Gordon Grody Beast in me FLARENASCH  722,766 FRA 1984 PS
Silver People Silver city DigIt DGMX11197 Italia 1980 PS
Silvia Dheve Night ranger Lombardoni LMB 014 Italia NotPS
Simoncioni F. Susy oh! OUT 3046 Italia 1985 PS
Simonetti , Pignatelli, Morante Tenebre / flashinf (all extended version) Cinevox MDFX10 Italia 1982 PS
Simonetti Claudio Phenomena HM 008 Italia PS
Simonetti Claudio (Original Soundtrack) Phenomena (album) Cinevox R. 33,167 Italia 1985 PS
Skrazzo censored Skeazzo Records 3005 Italia PS
Sky Creackers You should be dancing MeMIX 004 Italia NotPS
Slick Rick Summertime rap Havana HVN3311 Italia NotPS
Smiles Pendulum Zanza Rec. / ZR 0133 Italia 1983 PS
Soccio Gino Dance exercise music vol 1″ get it up” Celebration CEL41 Italia 1982 PS
Some Bizarre don’t be afraid (gold Vinyl !) Discotto ART1009 Italia PS
Sophie Face to face Time Records TRD1105 Italia 1989 PS
Sophie Broken tale Power Records PDR007 Italia 1986 PS
Sophie Same Time TRD1049 Italia PS
Soul Basic Bring a little lovin MANY RECORDS  MN 519 Italia 1984 PS
Spagna Call me / ? Girl it’s the edd of the world? CBS / CBS 650279 6 Italia 1987 PS
Spagna This generation CBS 654693 Italia 1989 PS
Spagna Dance, dance, dance CBS Holland 1987 PS
Spagna Dedicated to the moon (LP) CBS 4506461 Italia 1987 PS
Spagna Easy lady Simple records SIM M003 Italia PS
Spagna Every girl and boy (special bang-bang remix) CBS 6516089 Italia 1988 PS
Spagna I wanna be your wife CBS 653068 Italia 1988 PS
Spagna Sarah CBS 6513396 Italia 1987 PS
Spanish Crash Life is now Spago Records SR00400 Italia PS
Speakeasy It’s all right CGD 15197 Italia 1985 NotPS
Spencer Tracy Two to tango too / I feel for you CBS 651609 6 Italia 1988 PS
Spencer Tracy love is like a game Ibiza R. IBZ434 Italia 1986 PS
Spencer Tracy Take me back Ibiza IBZ438 Italia 1987 PS
Spillo let’s everybody (dance) Taka record TKR 40/31 Italia PS
Stage The prisoner of your love FULLTIME FTM31584 Italia PS
Stage Bryvan Wayout! Thick Records TK003 Italia PS
Staller Ilona I was made for dancin’ / save the last dance for me (lascia l’ultimo   ballo per me) “Red Vinyl” RCA PD6327 PROMO Italia 1979 NotPS
Stargo Live is life / capsicum Stargo N8502 Italia PS
Stargo Live is life / capsicum Stargo N8502 Italia NotPS
Steel Mind Bad passion Delirium DLM M25969 Italia NotPS
Stephany Broken haert / Romantic Afrika Zig Zag / ZIG 20005 Italia 1984 PS
Stephany Don’t let me down Industry IND86002 Italia 1986 PS
Sterling Saint Jacques I’m a star / again Disques Yona 2C 052-52875 France 1980 PS
Styloo Pretty face Hole Records OLE5001 Italia 1983 PS
Styloo Why Time Records TRD1039 Italia PS
Sugar Shake Start that feeling BMS 302 Italia 1986 PS
Sunbeams Bye bye sea OUT records 3015 Italia 1984 PS
Sunshine China time Sensation SNS8033 Italia PS
Super Rockin Risque If it’s the last thing i do BlowUp BU0040 Italia 1985 PS
Superbowl Forever and a day London LRP3006 Italia 1985 PS
Surprice Fantacy… coul you be the one DUCH RECORD  MKP 1001 1985 PS
Swan Don’t talk about it PlexyGlass PX002 Italia 1986 PS
Swan Keep me satisfied MEM MEMIX068 Italia 1988 PS
Symona Living in the jungle OUT 3056 Italia 1986 PS
T.H. Virgin New lover Time TRD1052 Italia PS
T.H. Virgin New lover Time TRD1052 Italia PS
Taffy Step by step Rhythm King type5t UK 1987 PS
Taffy Midnight Radio (I love my radio) Many Rec.-Ibiza Rec / IBZ 415 Italia 1985 PS
Taffy White & black Phoenix / 314 Italia 1986 PS
Talko Psyko flash Babalu BBL1001 Italia 1983 NotPS
Taxeedo Querido Many Records  MN525 Italia PS
Taxi To Miami HARMONY MUSIC  HY 001 Italia PS
Taxi To Miami HARMONY MUSIC  HY 001 Italia PS
Taylor Chris into your eyes Match Music MATCH2002 Italia 1984 PS
Taylor Sean Come back to me MidNite 283ML Italia 1983 NotPS
Telefon Boys Get up get up Thick Records TK014 Italia 1985 PS
Telex News Forever Discomagic MIX185 Italia 1985 PS
Tempest Joey Love chaser Technology TECHONO 12,02 Italia PS
Test-One Dreamer / dream (blue vinyl) Blue Rose SR003000 Italia NotPS
Theo Hallucination Simple Records SIM M002 Italia PS
Thierry Pastor Le coup de folie Mr Disc MDO58505 Italia 1982 NotPS
Tibor Levay Gipsy Boobie Baby Records BR54057 Italia 1985 PS
Time Love is the reason RAM  00585 Italia 1985 PS
Time Holding on to love Ra.Re 01386 Italia 1986 PS
Time Shaker shake Fly TPF002/83 Italia PS
Time Don’t stop FLY  TPF007 Italia 1984 PS
Tina Crazy for you Five FM13824 Italia 1988 PS
Tipinifini Fever / Talk about Ibiza Rec. / IBZ 413 Italia 1985 PS
Tipinifini All of my life Ibiza IBZ429 Italia 1986 PS
Todesco Raff I got my mind Rare Production / RA-RE 02988 Italia 1988 PS
Tommy One night ! Accademy ACD8517 Italia 1986 PS
Tommy Love beach Academy Records ACD8533 Italia 1987 PS
Tommy Bow Dance tonight Discomagic  Mix124 Italia 1983 PS
Tony B. and the Electric Warrion Brick house ;odern Music MDN1009 Italia 1988 PS
Tony Baron Italian dream Carrere 052-2008366 Italia 1985 PS
Topo Ba Ba Go Go DR / DR 15001 Italia NotPS
Topo & roby Under the ice Il Discotto / ART 1044 Italia PS
Torciba Gaba gaba (let’s give it up) Pierrot Lunaire  PL001 Italia PS
Torrevado Living in the shuttle American Disco AMD018 Italia PS
Touche’ Wrap it up GoodVibes PM12005 Italia 1982 PS
Toyboys Different generation (different cover) Ibiza IBZ424 Italia 1985 PS
Toyboys Different Generation Ibiza Rec / IBZ 424 Italia 1986 PS
Traesk Electric flying / Cubacumba London Records LRP3002 Italia 1985 NotPS
Traesko Cubacumba Madison MDS01033 Italia 1983 NotPS
Traks Tracks (LP) Msavoir Faire R. 6492130 Italia 1982 PS
Traks You can feel it BEST / 12002 Italia 1985 NotPS
Triton put away Blow Up BU0033 Italia 1984 PS
Twenty Pounds Do it for love Merak MKX430 Italia 1987 PS
Twilight all and right now Cat 2015 Italia 1985 PS
Two Girls Another boy in town Sidet SID104 Italia 1985 NotPS
U. Turn Neanderthal man / where are you goin’ Real Sound RS5003 Italia PS
Ubangi Heartbeat DID D8407 Italia PS
Urtos The wold at your disposal stereo records Italia PS
V.V.Anne Tonight Chapulin CH28502 Italia 1986 PS
Valance Rocky Jessica / Danger for my love DivaArt DAX10883 Italia 1989 PS
Valentina Maquilage BIBA 7001 Italia PS
Vartan Never forever for love Market Records MK002 Italia 1985 PS
Venice Roissy Superradio Records SR7018 Italia 1988 PS
Ventura Fred One day Time Records TRD1102 Italia 1989 PS
Ventura Fred The years Gong 012 Italia PS
Ventura Fred Night and day TIME TRD1053 Italia PS
Ventura Fred Wind of change TIME TRD1028 Italia PS
Vera Cruz My way Vitamin Records Italia 1988 PS
Verago I’ don’t remember CGD int15138 Italia 1984 PS
Veronique Night style TIME TRD1008 Italia 1985 PS
Vertigo Wake up EMI Italia 1987 PS
Via Verdi Diamond Ibiza 417 Italia 1985 PS
Via Verdi love is a dream / far away Dischi Ricordi SRLM2087 Italia 1989 PS
Via Verdi Sometimes Ibiza Rec. / IBZ 435 Italia PS
Victoria This is over Hit Records H30265 Italia 1987 PS
Vid Kids vid kid kid Discomagic MIX 261 Italia PS
VideoVision Anybody RARE 00686 Italia 1986 NotPS
VideoVision Anybody RARE 00686 Italia 1986 PS
Villani Betti de nuevo tu (re-mix) EMI  1401188116 Italia 1988 PS
Villani Betti Together EMI Italia 1990 PS
Villani Betty What have you done to the night? (mi amor) EMI Italia 1989 PS
Vinicio Dance you and me OUT 3043 Italia 1985 NotPS
Violet Eves Listen over the ocean Anemic Musci AM-NP XL001 Italia PS
Virgin Tell me why Time Records TRD1018 Italia 1985 PS
Visions Everybody Ram 00985 Italia 1985 PS
Vivien Vee eve of destruction BananaZcan7351 Italia 1984 PS
Walter Martino turn it on Concorde CND 15002 Italia PS
Watson Roger eres mi vida World od Records WOR0104 Italia 1985 PS
Webo Magic moment Atlantide 5001 Italia 1984 PS
Webo Magic moment Atlantide 5001 Italia 1984 PS
Webo Shaking lovers Atlantide AMIX5004 Italia 1985 PS
Wedding Guest Face to face Duck Gold MKP1005 Italia PS
Wesley Linda Sirens / What an I gonna do EMI 1187676 Italia 1987 PS
Wesley Linda Wild on the isle EMI 14 1187376 Italia 1986 PS
White Glen Tv lover Chapulin CH28506 Italia 1987 PS
Why Not (the) Ghedaffi BMS 305 Italia 1986 PS
William Nicks New sensation PCM Italia 1988 NotPS
Wish Key Acumbacha RARE02287 Italia 1987 PS
Wish Key The one you love RARE 01586 Italia PS
Wish Key Easy Way Discomagic MIX189 Italia 1984 PS
Wizard / Skyzzofeaturing Jennifer   Jackson I an your  /  Tokyo boy Discomagic  SK55 Italia PS
Wol vo heartbeats Moonlight 10831 Italia 1983 PS
Wollek Stig Night driver Crash / DS 031 Italia 1985 NotPS
Xalan Solo me muevo por dinero / I only move for money DID 8409 Italia PS
Yan Guru A-o (no bungalow) CRASH DS019 Italia PS
Yan Guru Give it up MANY RECORDS  MN 550 Italia PS
Young People Young people Discomagic  MIX344 Italia NotPS
Yvonne Kay Rise up (for my love) X-Energy X-12009 Italia 1985 PS
Zoom Zoom Say you do Many records MN522 Italia 1984 PS
List   of 7″ italo disco (all this records is with Picture Sleeve) :
Artist Title Label Made Year
100 just for now / good time CGD 10805 1988 Italia
2-two week-end Ibiza R. IBZ651012 1987 Italia
Ago For you / Stop ypur life Full Time FTM 31025 1983 Italia
Akaba everybody likes dancing FullTime FTM31031 1983 Italia
Alexio Osiride / Nebbia Target 2010957 1986 Italia
Amalita Carillon Wea 248326-7 1987 Italia
Ami & Alba Look into my eyes Merak music  MKX 68005 1985 Italia
Andrea I am a lover Baby records  BR 50337 1985 Italia
Angel Touch my heart Epic EPC 654969-7 1989 Italia
Angela Dynamite Five  FM 13228 1989 Italia
Argandona gold is good… / 1/2 past 2 a.m. EMI 1470817 1985 Italia
Asciara Fill / maren EMI 1187307 1985 Italia
Ayshe / Tram roman men / something you forgot get smart italiana GET770 1987 Italia
B. B. and Band simple song / wanna be free Fonit Cetra IS20288 1984 Italia
B. B. and Band hold me tight Baby R. BR50296 1983 Italia
B. Boy Try me Megarecords  NP MRP 4003 1984 Italia
B.S.F. I would like to be For Sale FL14327 1984 Italia
Baltimora With linda wesley / Set me free Emi  061187997 1987 Italia
Baltimora Juke box boy / Pull the wires Emi  061187557 1986 Italia
Baltimora with Linda Wesley global love / set me free EMI 1187997 1987 Italia
Bamboo!!! je suis bamboo / time bomb IT zb7528 1985 Italia
Band of Jocks Good times Full Time  FTM 31046 1984 Italia
Barbot Sammy Music,harmony and rithm CAT  ZB 7544 1986 Italia
Barbot Sammy Forza campione WEA t19159 1982 Italia
Belen Thomas & Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive / why Don’t Worri R. ZB44793 1991 Italia
Bengodia There is a world in my hands    /Popeye Pana records  PDN 45001 Italia
Bianco Bonnie No tears anymore / Love you too much Kangaroo  LKAS 36592 1982 Italia
Bianco Bonnie Miss you so / Stranger my heart Polydor   885 644-7 1987 Italia
Black Tie take you for a ride Dischi Ricordi SRL11037 1986 Italia
Black White & Co. dare do it / so nice RCA PB6800 1985 Italia
Blue Camera Golden war Radiohit LM0100 1985 Italia
Boyler Boyler sound Carosello CI20512 1982 Italia
Bravo lady, lady / dime por que Fonit cetra IS20290 1984 Italia
Casablanca silvester samba / samba de sol C&M PN0130 1987 Italia
Celeste Lover boy  bring back my heart Five FM 13229 1989 Italia
Celeste Lascia che sia /Going Crazy Five rec FM13084 1985 Italia
Celeste Italy / let me love you Five FM13202 1988 Italia
Chemise She can’t love you FullTime FTM31021 1982 Italia
Ciao Fellini Dali’ DDD113405 1990 Italia
Ciao Fellini noche a bahia DDD a7262 1986 Italia
Cioni Riccardo Ole’-Oh / Garage Master Deejay P7344 1984 Italia
Cless Extraterrestreally Baby records BR50300 1983 Italia
Coin Prive I dont’ care / Fly by night Keepon Music  DDD6723 1985 Italia
Contourella Family take my heart / carry your love Target 2017517 1987 Italia
Cooper Ray Breakdown Many Records 06 20047 Italia
Creatures (the) Maybe one day FullTime FTM31042 1984 Italia
Cristal Drink my soul / Do yopu wanna dance? Kicco record  KN8-63008 1989 Italia
Cube two heads are better than one Casablanca 6025303 1982 Italia
D’Alcatraz Paco Doberman / voglio l’oscar Keepon Music DDD A4788 1985 Italia
David Srb It’s gonna be forever Pretty Cat’s Records ZB7570 1986 Italia
Deblanc Mon Amour Italian Records EXIT735 1987 Italia
Dee D. Jackson My sweet carillion Monkey MP3302-7 1984 Italia
Devred Danielle Silver spoon F1Team p565 1981 Italia
Dharma Plastic doll System Music  SM 45002 1982 Italia
Dhuo Walkin’ / chinatype CGD INT10520 1983 Italia
Di Lazzarro Dalila extra love / cry baby cry Fonit cetra SP1819 1984 Italia
Doctor Fun Whatcha gonna do for me? Keepon Music  KMNP  1002 1987 Italia
Doctor’s Cat Watch out! Discotto ARTNP1028 Italia
Duo Latino el marinero / to be right DDD a7214 1986 Italia
Ego Theme from E.T. (dance version) CGD INT10440 1982 Italia
Electric Mind feel good inside FullTime FTM31045 1984 Italia
Eller Dan Playtime Ros Record RRNP63 1984 Italia
Eraora no more illusions Ibiza r. IBZ 651349 1987 Italia
Fahrenheit 104 highway to freedom Baby R. BR50354 1986 Italia
Farrel Bobby and the School-Rebels Happy song / school’s out Carrere CRE a6164 1985 Italia
Fate won’t stop / (i can’t stand) losing you EMI 1396657 1986 Italia
Finzy Kontini O la la / Bass & Drums Many records  062012507 1986 Italia
Firefly stay (no time) / feel alright Mr. Disc MD31048 1984 Italia
Fitz Audio/Video  / No good for you Five Fm 13052 1984 Italia
Florence Hey, hey, hey! Third Label THIRD7008 1987 Italia
Forest Andy J. Baby I’m alone / I wish n.1 Third Label THIRD7007 1987 Italia
Foster strip now NRR PD1487 1987 Italia
Foster Ray Be my girl CBS 6502087 1986 Italia
Frisbee ‘ You are made for me’ Third label 7002 1985 Italia
Gardiner Boris I wanna wake up with you / you’re good for me CGD INT10699 1986 Italia
Gate Walter call me love New York R. NY0283 1983 Italia
Gazebo Lunatic Baby rec BR 50297 1983 Italia
Gaznevada Sometimes / too deep for dealing CBS 6516917 1988 Italia
Gaznevada Mary is a cleark  / Western boys ,   eastern girls Emi  061187027 1985 Italia
Gaznevada Back to the jungle / western boys, eastern girls EMI 061186977 1985 Italia
Gaznevada Thrill of the night CBS 6515767 1988 Italia
GeeGee & Gym Band majic-kaboola Jumbo JU45002 1984 Italia
Gino Latino Latino / Street man G.L.O.   IBZ 655417-7 1989 Italia
Gino Latino Yo Yo Production  IBZ 652884 7 1988 Italia
Giorgia Rock show CGD 10746 1987 Italia
Hallyday David Rock revival / he’s my girl Scotti Bros SCT10769 1987 Italia
Harrow Den Catch the fox (caccia alla volpe) Baby Records BR50363 1986 Italia
Hipnosis Oxygene / borhaz Memory Records MEM45004 1983 Italia
Huntington Eddy Meet my friend Esquire SW87009 1987 Italia
Island & Holiday In the summertime / living Five FM 13056 1984 Italia
Ivan hey mademoiselle ! / noches de metal CBS sa7174 1986 Holland
Ivan Baila / mujer de hielo CBS a6187 1985 Italia
Jovanotti Walking (radio & rap version) FullTime FTM31065 1987 Italia
Jovanotti è qui la festa? Yo production IBZ 653149 1988 Italia
Jovanotti sex no drugs and rock’n’ roll Yo production IBZ 654586 1988 Italia
Joy Touch by touch / Heartache no. 1 Dischi Ricordi  SIR 20231 1985 Italia
Kano It’s war / ahjia FullTime FTM45008 1980 Italia
Kasso Kasso F1Team P 566 1981 Italia
Kex let’s dance Rap Records NP28128 Italia
Klapto Queen of the night Durium DE3246 1984 Italia
Koto Chinese revenge Memory Records MEM45001 Italia
Krisma nothing to do with the dog / find a friend Franton R. FR2100-7 1983 Italia
Krisma Be bop Carosello CI20529 1985 Italia
L.A. Messina day dream Discomagic NP148 1983 Italia
Latin Peanuts petito / por dos besos Fonit cetra SP1814 1984 Italia
Low Gary I wanna be with you EMI 4020297 1986 Italia
Man Arabian go go / Someday somewhere CGD  CGD 10672 1986 Italia
Manuel Lee Macalita CBS 650831 1987 Italia
Martin Steve Toy Boy /  Sequence Merak music 1986 Italia
Martinelli Cenerentola Emi  062006797 1985 Italia
Marton Sandy Modern Lovers / CBS A 7153 1986 Italia
Marton Sandy Love synchronicity CBS 651023 7 1987 Italia
Marton Sandy Merry christman & a happy new year / white storm in the jungle CBS 6502577 1986 Italia
Marton Sandy La paloma blanca Ibiza Records IBZ6550327 1989 Italia
Marx david & Spencer Tracy Stay Discomagic NP20127 1983 Italia
Marzio Dance D.J. Rap-o-hush Fulltime FTM 31030 1983 Italia
Mason Marsha Everybody’s Talkin’ Smash one music SHO 45002 1984 Italia
Maxen ever stronger Carrere CRE a6394 1985 Italia
Mc Foy Jimmy I cant’ stop loving you Emi  062030707 1988 Italia
Mc Piano Roby The Scot ghost CGD INT 10550 1984 Italia
Meccano alle porte dell’ est / walk in a strange dream KeeponMusic DDD a7250 1986 Italia
Michael Joy Dancin’ Disco Magic NP120 1983 Italia
Mondorhama lost in panama / you got lucia RCA PB41059 1986 Italia
Moroder Giorgio featuring Paul Engemann reach out CBS a 4570 1984 Italia
N.O.I.A. Summertime Blues / Eddie’s Dead CBS 6516427 1988 Italia
N.O.I.A. Do you wanna dance Italian rec EXIT 727 1984 Italia
New Glory For my love  / My only change CBS  CBS 6316 1985 Italia
New Glory Christmas is now here / Run along the road Pentagono  PTG 65001 1985 Italia
Novecento Movin’on / Spendid moment togheter Wea 24 9427-7 1984 Italia
Novecento Excessive love / Single reason Art records  ATR 10665 1986 Italia
Novecento The only one / take a chance Wea 24918-7 1984 Italia
Novecento Dreamland  paradise / Near me CGD  ART 10661 1986 Italia
Offside Win or (loose) / dance for your funky night Moon Records JE-N 205 1982 Italia
On Air the generation game / first generation CGD 10778 1987 Italia
One Albert Turbo diesel Baby Record BR50320 1984 Italia
Overture songwriter / burning inside DDD 650256 7 1986 Italia
P. Lion Reggae Radio / Springlime Discomagic  NP 214 1984 Italia
P4F winner / hustle & bustle CBS 650875 1987 Italia
Page 2 interface city / help me now Fonit Cetra IS20294 1984 Italia
Panorama The key of your life / Stealin Many Rec 2009667 1985 Italia
Parallel Lines (the) arabian night Third Label THISR7003 1985 Italia
Parker Johnny Destination Merak Music  062013337 1986 Italia
Passengers camping paradise / fra le stelle, il buio e l’anima Delta DE842 1985 Italia
Passengers Knock out Odeon music 2027637 1988 Italia
Patto Black & white FullTime FTM 31043 1984 Italia
Paula Rose / Henry Michel mama song / america NAR PD01085 1985 Italia
Pavone Rita Daniela /adorable sixties Discotto NP1037 Italia
Phaeax talk about CGD int10458 1983 Italia
Pink Project B- project Baby R. BR50295 1983 Italia
Pink Project stand by every breath / duel Baby R BR50317 1983 Italia
Pizza & Company made in italy / tarandisco Polydor 2060159 1979 Italia
Plaza don’t look back Record Shack RSNP54 1985 Italia
Polyart Loved by the rain / bandiera ART GC4101 1986 Italia
Porto Jim cara amica mia / i remember days Sigla zb7563 1986 Italia
Portofino All my love Many Records 06-2012517 1986 Italia
Qualley Paul J. back on the road / when love arrives Five FM13131 1986 Italia
Qualley Paul J. please please / one… eleven Five FM13043 1984 Italia
Quibos Quibos Italian records  062022957 1987 Italia
Qwai rap rock music Continental CTL10751 1987 Italia
Rankati Jane /  no way to win (no way to   loose) CBS 651340 7 1987 Italia
Raylo Spanish journey Trash NP04 Italia
Reggie On the park / into the groove Discotto DST27001 1985 Italia
Rete 105 eeee… vado a rio Baby R. BR50326 1984 Italia
Rich Jean anima mia.. Tu / come back home Five FM13116 1986 Italia
Rico & C. chiquita Holly ecords HR 26001 1984 Italia
Rocky Roberts Going crazy / respect Ros record SI011 Italia
Roketz Don’t give up / Franca CGD  CGD 10658 1986 Italia
Roland Chuck into the darkness CBS a 7018 1986 Italia
Rolandi Jay Circus love CBS a6028 1985 Italia
Roller “Chicken” Band Banana roller / amigo Bubble BLU9235 1986 Italia
Samuel One day lovers/ love me too much Italian Records 2022677 1987 Italia
Scotch Pictures / Old days Many records  062017887 1987 Italia
See this house The project Discomagic NP164 1984 Italia
Sense James Dolce malincononia / hiwinnet (love supreme) EMI 2029657 1988 Italia
Shade loving rose CBS a4215 1984 Italia
Sharp one night alone / my woman Carrere CAR72016 1987 Italia
Skipper Lu Colombo Moon Rec JE-N 206 1982 Italia
S-Lips canyon / plastic Cristoforo Colombo R. C.  506 1982 Italia
Sly Hidden stories CGD ART10683 1986 Italia
Soccio Gino The visitors / dancer WEA W17374 1979 Italia
Sottomayor take me now / don’t say you won’t General Music GM30007 1983 Italia
Spagna I wanna be your wife / woman in love CBS 653068 7 1988 Italia
Spagna Every girl and boy / don’t call it love CBS 6516087 1988 Italia
Spagna easy lady/ jealousy CBS A7019 1986 Italia
Spagna call me CBS 6502797 1987 Italia
Spargo just for you Baby R. BR50245 Italia
Speirs Larry talk to me / shuffling F1Team P7622 1985 Italia
Spencer Tracy take me back CBS 650730 1987 Italia
Spin Out The sound of the waves / no more feelings Casablanca 870452 1988 Italia
Stephany broken heart / romantic afrika ZigZag zbzz7382 1984 Italia
Sterling Saint Jacques comin, into love PapillonMR NP14002 1983 Italia
Stewart Amii and Mike francis together / do it all again RCA PB40205 1985 Italia
Susanna The control band Delta DE 732 1984 Italia
Taylor Sean Come back to me / I can’t live without you SGM 74001 1983 Italia
Thango Dancing in the moonlight / fashion Love Emi  062036467 1989 Italia
Thillet Ivan City lullaby WEA 25 9780-7 1983 Italia
Tina crazy for you Five FM13196 1988 Italia
Tipinifini all of my life CGD INT10690 1986 Italia
Traks Get ready CAT NP5001 1983 Italia
Trish Date  / The first time Emi 062027617 1988 Italia
Vertigo if you stay with me / castles in the air EMI 1188067 1988 Italia
Vertigo maybe on the radio / fragile EMI 1188157 1987 Italia
Via Verdi Love is a dreams / far away Dischi Ricordi  SRL 11087 1989 Italia
Villani Betty Together Emi 1188407 1990 Italia
Villani Betty De nuevo tu / Dinamica zero Emi 1188047 1988 Italia
Vision lucifer’s friend / crazy girl For Sale FL14320 1983 Italia
Wesley Linda Sirens / what am I gonna do EMI 1187687 1987 Italia
Wesley Linda wild on the isle EMI 1187367 1986 Italia
White Glen Tv Lover / tv laugh Chapulin CH28006 1987 Italia
Yanguru A-o (No bungalow) Crash DC np 019 Italia
Zoom Zoom Say you do / i just want your body Many Records MN17.508 1984 Italia
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